Patient Testimonials

“I’m thrilled to have my NTI and wish I would have gotten it years ago when it was first recommended! No more grinding my teeth, no more waking up with a grinding headache and my neck pain is gone! I’s still surprised such a small mouthpiece does so much good!! Thank you, Doc Long”

All the best,


Dr. Long, we want you to know how beautifully you treated our daughter – her visit with you restored her confidence in her mouth and made her feel that any of her issues are “fixable”. I cannot express how touched
I was by your reassuring approach – she was so comforted after meeting with you…you forever have our respect & gratitude.

In Appreciation, Tori & Al

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the NTI mouth guard. I had been to multiple different doctors trying to figure out what was causing my severe face pain and headaches: they even did a CT scan of my head to
check for tumors. You were the only one to finally diagnose the cause of my issues. You found that I was clinching my teeth and recommended the NTI mouth guard to resolve this painful problem. Well it worked wonderfully, it is Awesome, it is Amazing!! It gave me a pain free life and removed the chronic, constant daily pain. Thank you again, I am so grateful for changing my life.

Cindy J

While I still have a few more weeks before the end of my Invisalign treatment, I can say that I’ve been very pleased with the entire experience. Dr Long and his staff have been wonderfully supportive from the initial exam through the follow-up visits. Until my wisdom teeth came in during my early 20’s, I had beautiful straight teeth without benefit of any braces. With the upper wisdom teeth shoving their way in sideways, one of my eye teeth was pushed back and continued to move, causing my other teeth to move and change my bite. Invisalign has given
me my pretty, perfectly aligned smile back. I would highly recommend Invisalign and am so glad to have had this experience.

Janna D

My daughters have absolutely beautiful smiles. I should know, I paid for them! As I was approaching a monumental birthday, I decided maybe it was my turn to have a beautiful smile. Invisalign was the ideal answer for me. I could work on achieving that perfect smile and no one would notice – no unsightly wires or rubber bands and I could remove the aligners to eat and drink. What could be better? I am so pleased with my Invisalign experience. Dr. Long and Shannon were wonderful to work with and my teeth look great! I recommend Invisalign to anyone looking to improve their smile. It’s never too late!

Caren S

I am a long time patient of Dr. Long’s and for several years had issues related to grinding and clenching my teeth, especially at night. Not only did I experience headaches and receding gum lines, it got so bad I
had several teeth which were becoming loose. During a routine check-up Dr. Long asked a few probing questions and subsequently recommended an NTI appliance to wear at night. The appliance was custom fit to my teeth and has been comfortable to wear at night. After wearing the NTI daily my headaches went away, my gum lines stopped receding and my teeth tightened back up like they once were. Also, several years ago I had porcelain crowns put on my top teeth by Dr. Long. This has greatly enhanced the appearance of my teeth. Dr Long worked carefully to match the size and shade of the crowns to blend with my natural teeth. I have had no problems with the crowns and believe it was one of the better decisions I’ve made over the years.

Clayton O

Dear Dr. Long,

I want to say thank you for recommending the TAP (Thornton Adjustable Positioner). As you know from our discussions in the past, I had been told that my snoring was occasionally so bad it was like a freight train. I was doubtful that anything could help with my snoring. I tried all the over-the-counter fixes (Breathe Right Strips…). Nothing seemed to help. Now that I have my TAP device, I generally don’t snore any more, but if I do snore a little, it is very manageable. The train no longer drives through our house!

Thanks, again,


Over the years, my snoring kept getting worse…I was sleep deprived, my kids joked about it with family and friends, and I was keeping my wife up at night. And then finally, my son and I stayed at a cabin in Northern Minnesota and he informed me that I stopped breathing occasionally during my snoring episodes….and that was the final straw

So, I started to look at options and heard about the “TAP” from my dentist, Robert Long, DDS. The “TAP” is simple, personal and
non-evasive. It is a mouth guard, that is personally fitted by a professional, that keeps your passage open at night and allows for proper airflow, regardless of your sleeping position. I finally decided to get fitted with one and my life has been heavenly since the first day I used it. Seriously, no more snoring, no more sleep apnea and no more jokes. I get a good night sleep and feel great throughout the day. So, forget about the expensive machines or surgeries, get fitted with the “TAP” …it made a difference in my life.


Dear Dr. Long and Staff,

Just a note to thank you for recommending my NTI Appliance. I have to be reminded of my gratitude from time to time due to my own laziness. You see, when I decided to go to bed last night I realized that I had left my device on the bathroom counter and was to lazy to get up and get it. The result? I awoke this morning to a neck so stiff I couldn’t turn my head: a headache that no over-the-counter pain reliever can begin to numb and I’m so tired I feel as if I haven’t slept. These same symptoms lead to the recommendation in the first place. Wearing my NTI, I wake up feeling well rested and pain free! Who would have thought that such a small and easy to wear appliance, would relieve all the symptoms that I had been suffering from for years.

Thank you,

I was experiencing headaches for about two and a half years when I read  a sign in Dr. Long’s office that said “ask us if you have…” and then listed several things, one being headaches/neck pain. So I did just that! He and his assistant informed me of what an NTI is and how it works. I told him I had been seeking chiropractic care and my headaches had decreased to three or four times a week. As Dr. Long and I visited about my headaches, we came to the conclusion that the NTI would most likely be beneficial to me. Well, it was! The NTI kept me from grinding my teeth while I slept, as well as relaxing the neck muscles involved in the act of grinding teeth. Within three weeks I started to notice fewer headaches and overall better sleep. About two months into the use of the NTI, I lost it. Although it is still missing, and I plan on getting another, after the first week of not using it, I noticed headaches increasing, along with the neck/tooth pain I had before. This is when I really noticed the good the NTI was doing for me!. “You don’t know what you have until you lose it!” That saying is true for the NTI. It worked wonders for me and my headaches/neck/jaw pain.

Mary S

I started wearing the NTI in 2006 at night after having dental work done. I ground my teeth at night and woke up every morning with my jaws, ears and molars aching before I started wearing this device. Due to the NTI, I no longer have these problems. The NTI is smaller than regular mouth guards and stays in place. I REALLY DO LOVE IT!!!!!

Mary B

I wanted to write a recommendation for the Invisalign service you provide. I have really been impressed with the results. The process was quick and, in my opinion, remarkably painless. Wearing the aligners throughout the day was easy to deal with. In all, if I had to do it over again I would. Thank you very much to you and your staff. Everybody has been so nice and helpful.

Thanks again,

Highly recommend this office. Dr Long is fantastic as is Trudy, Shannon and everyone else in the office. If you fear the dentist because of previous mishaps, Dr Long is the man for you. Went from having terrible teeth with constant pain, to wonderful teeth and no pain.

Trust me here folks.
Dennis C